The Rise of Digital Wave will Inject Power into the High-Quality Development of Pharmaceutical Enterprises

August 25, 2022

Data show that in the ten years from 2018 to 2021, the scale of China's digital economy has increased from 31.3 trillion yuan to more than 45 trillion yuan, and its proportion in GDP has also significantly increased. Behind this set of data, China is setting off a wave of digitization, injecting power into the high-quality development of industries including medicine industry.

With the acceleration of the digitization process and the change of the pharmaceutical environment (including the increasing pressure on pharmaceutical enterprises under the policy of centralized procurement and generic drug consistency evaluation, the rising labor cost, the tightening of drug quality supervision, etc.), the operation mode of pharmaceutical enterprises has begun to undergo profound changes. Digitization can run through the whole life cycle of research and development, production, logistics and distribution, sales and other drugs.

In the workshops of some pharmaceutical enterprises, it is already possible to glimpse the pace of companies moving towards digital transformation.

1. In terms of drug research and development:

At present, domestic CRO head enterprises are using information technology and big data to empower all aspects of drug R & D, including reducing R & D costs, helping pharmaceutical enterprises improve R & D efficiency, shorten R & D cycle, and speed up the process of drug listing. It is reported that the domestic digital CRO industry is developing rapidly, and it is expected that the incremental market of the industry in the future will be more than three times that of the existing market.

2. In terms of production

A domestic pharmaceutical enterprise has improved the detection efficiency by introducing a fully automatic intelligent light detection machine. It only takes less than 1 minute from the start of light detection to the output of a preparation,  and a batch of more than 200,000 oral liquid preparations can be automatically detected. At the same time, the equipment only needs 2 personnel to maintain the input and output sides of the light inspection, which greatly reduces the cost output of the enterprise and brings greater benefits to the enterprise.

At the same time, the equipment only needs 2 personnel to maintain the input and output sides of the light inspection, which greatly reduces the cost output of the enterprise and brings greater benefits to the enterprise.

3. In terms of logistics and distribution

A warehouse center of a pharmaceutical company in China relies entirely on robots to transport Chinese herbal pieces, with only 4 operators. According to the person in charge of the production department of the pharmaceutical company, the warehousing center uses AGV intelligent robots, WMS warehouse management system, AGV intelligent scheduling system, electronic label control system, ERP management system, etc. as digital support, which can automatically achieve sales information acquisition, job distribution, sorting, transmission and other work. It is not only efficient, but also can be taken out and packed accurately to ensure the pass rate.

Therefore, with the help of digital transformation, it can help pharmaceutical companies to achieve refined operations, improve production efficiency, improve drug quality, and bring new breakthrough points for pharmaceutical companies. As the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry, Shanghai IVEN always pays attention to the new trends of the industry. In order to fit the market, Shanghai IVEN continues to innovate and develop new technologies and a new generation of pharmaceutical machinery. Shanghai IVEN has carried out intelligent upgrades in the production lines of  IV fluids, vials, ampoules, blood collection tubes and Oral Solid Dosage, which has brought more safe, stable and fast production to the enterprise and helped the enterprise accelerate the digital transformation.

Shanghai IVEN always takes “Creat Value For Customer”as its mission, IVEN will always keep sincere attitude and provide provide service and technology for our customers.

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