Work Process of Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project

January 25, 2024

The popularity of turnkey projects within the pharmaceutical industry has increased drastically over the past few years. These processing and fine chemical companies now rarely host any in-house engineering or project management resources compared to how they did a decade ago and have inclined towards a turnkey approach to simplify their overall development and installation. If you have heard about the Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects and want to know more about its work process, then this guide is for you.

What is the Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project (EPC)?

A turnkey project is a sort of delivery method in which a contractor works with a project owner based on a single contract. They are liable to complete all project stages, from detailed engineering all the way through construction.

The EPC is an abbreviation for engineering, procurement, and construction and is like a contracting agreement in construction industries. The engineering and construction contractor in any said industry will first carry out a thorough engineering design of a particular project, list down and gather all the equipment and required material that will be necessary, and then construct and commission the project to the user or owner. The contractor will also be in charge of looking over the progress of the project, quality, cost, and safety.

Execution and Work Process of Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project

Now that you have gained insight into what a pharmaceutical turnkey project is, we are sure you’d want to know the overall work process of it or the execution of how it is carried out, right? If this is the case, then hop on below to read on about a step-by-step guide on the work process of a pharmaceutical turnkey project:

· Project Preparation and Preliminary Planning

First, a third-party service or contractor will plan the overall demands, requirements, and expectations of the owner or end-user. This step is crucial in any pharma turnkey projects, as it gives both the third-party contractor and end-user a brief of what both parties want and will deliver. The contractor will then prepare the project roughly, make a preliminary plan for it, and when the owner approves, would then proceed toward the next step.

· Project Design

Once the preliminary plan and pharma turnkey projects preparations have been approved, an overall turnkey pharmaceutical projects design will be constructed. This will help users understand the finalized results of the plants and machinery and will give them satisfaction that they will receive the right product.

· Procurement

The goods and materials for the construction of the machinery are then procured. This step refers to the process where a manufacturing company sources or purchases goods, services, or any required raw material for their business from other vendors or suppliers.

· Construction

Once the procurement is successfully shipped, the third-party manufacturer then begins the construction of the pharmaceutical machinery or any product items. This step might be the longest to carry out since the construction of heavy and oversized pharmaceutical machinery is time-consuming and complex.

· Commission

The third-party manufacturer then provides proper commission documentation. It verifies that the machinery or products have appropriately been installed, and operations at start-up, functional performance, and turnover of facilities, equipment, and systems all include the site acceptance test. This helps ensure that the systems which are provided are in the specified condition.

· Personnel Training

With the commissioning aspect out of the way, the third-party manufacturer carrying out this turnkey pharmaceutical projects then moves on to personally train the individuals in the said industry. Whenever any new machinery is installed in an organization, the employees at the company are given a brief run-down of how it will operate and what its beneficial outcomes will be. The same would be done when the turnkey project machinery is delivered and commissioned.

· Completion Acceptance

When the employees or workers at the new pharmaceutical workspace are thoroughly trained, the manufacturing company then fills out an acceptance form that states the overall completion of its services. The pharmaceutical industry also regards the completion acceptance.

· After-Sale Services

After successfully commissioning a pharma turnkey projects, the company then moves on to creating a thorough preventive maintenance plan, which will help ensure that all the products that are delivered run at 100% efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Turnkey Project

One of the primary reasons why many pharmaceutical companies choose the turnkey approach is because of the simplified developments and installation that it provides. However, do you know it is not the only benefit that a pharmaceutical turnkey project can provide? Want to know what else it has in store for all those who opt for it? Here you go:

· Cost Saving

Any company that needs machinery or products from a third-party source will have a set budget. They can then proceed to find a company willing to carry out the project at their mentioned price, or both parties can come to a middle ground in terms of expenses.

· Time-saving

A new pharmaceutical company in business would have no time or energy to waste on developing a facility. This is because their main goal should always be to grow their business in the already competitive pharmaceutical market. Hence, the pharma turnkey projects can come quite handy.

· Hassle-Free

Entrusting a manufacturer who knows their way around the manufacturer of the machinery is essential. This will help ensure that the overall development of the new pharma industry remains hassle-free.

Wrapping It Up!

If you have heard about the pharmaceutical turnkey projects and want to know more about it, then we hope this article was helpful for you. Suppose you like this form of development and manufacturing and are in search of a third-party manufacturer to pick a turnkey project. In that case, we suggest you take a look at IVEN Pharmatech. The company has exceptional products and machinery, and you will be satisfied with its incredible services.

Hope you found this info worth reading. Stay tuned for more!

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